Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast Has Beautiful Beaches, Stunning Sunsets, and Rosé Rituals All Summer Long

I get to the newly renovated Le Meridien Lav, Split, and within minutes I’m on my balcony looking out to the Adriatic sea. The property houses 378 rooms, each with floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to large verandas. I make the most of mine. And through the lazy afternoon sun I do not need to scan far and wide for a gorgeous view. Looking over the marina, I see how unwinded I am. Could it be the allure of the glassy sea or the mild sway of the evergreen? For all one knows, it’s the rosé wine …

We convene for a lunch soiree in the dappled shade of Gooshter Beach Club, a dining area worthy of all the Instagram love. “Design and stylistic functions need to be an enhancement of the fond memories that follows,” says Jennifer Connell, international brand leader for Marriott International’s Premium Distinctive and Collection Brands, consisting of Le Meridien. She discusses that luxury runs deeper than plush bathrobes and bedding. Here, I remember the brand name’s values: “relishing the great life.” It’s not lost on me that we’re talking over slow sips of coffee and feasting on the most delicious duck pancakes. While the bamboo thatched roofing overhead assists to help with the ambience, what I’ll eliminate from this minute is the connection and the laughter.
Interior bar at Le Meridien Lav Split on Dalmatian Coast of Croatia
In special partnership with chef Meredith Hayden of fan-favorite Wishbone Kitchen, this season the hotel provides a buzzed-about limited-edition rosé sorbet. However I was curious– how can sorbet be so fascinating?
Right on cue, I’m served a crystal cone filled with a blushing scoop of the good things. The whole retro-style presentation transportations me back to the ’70s. I’m starting to find out the answer to my concern. “The sun never sets on the jetset,” Eddie Schneider, director of brand management at Le Meridien, advises us as we take our first spoonful. Lounging on my deck chair, plate stabilized on knees, I dig in, alternating in between revitalizing sips and cooling bites. The fragile blend of the strawberries and tangy notes of citrus in the sorbet are easy to area. Infuse Whispering Angel rosé and it’s a match made in summer season paradise. There are no difficult guidelines when it comes to enjoying your cooled dessert. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or sundown … taste buds cleanser, summertime cooler, or a saucy aperitif. The concept is to delight in the minute.

Le Meridien Lav, Split offers numerous ways to indulge your senses. Golden hour brings rosé rituals all summer long, and wine tastings offer guests the chance to find their perfect bottle. Possibly the best way to take it all in is a high-end private yacht charter. With over 1,000 islands close by, you can take pleasure in the gorgeous scenes of the Dalmatian coast. In all the enjoyment, make time for the health spa– my first port of call. I’m still dreaming of the Balinese massage and the thermal zone.

It feels apt to be experiencing the excellent life in Croatia. It is, after all, the Croatian method to delight in longer lunches, to smile at complete strangers, and to worship the sun. However many of all, you’re reminded to pomalo– that’s Croatian for “take it easy.”

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