How to Give Your Home a Boutique Hotel Vibe, According to an Expert

Whether you’re off on a beach getaway, city experience, or ski trip, there’s a comfort aspect that comes with checking out a shop hotel. Integrating the feel of an elevated home-away-from-home with all the indulging in the world makes it feel like a true holiday.

Often, I’ve returned home to find myself trying to recreate aspects of those experiences, searching for (and continuously failing to discover) fluffy towels, bringing back scents (I’m still keeping my last couple of drops of lotion from Lake Como’s Grand Hotel Tremezzo), and infusing new practices into my daily life (I’ve ended up being a sparkling water mega-fan after the all-you-can-drink fountains at Denver’s Catbird Hotel and London’s One Hundred Shoreditch), yet never ever even coming close to matching the feelings these hotels offer. Get In The Hotel Box by Hotels Above Par, a gift box filled with six products that can instantly turn any home into a hotel-like oasis.

Carefully curated by creator Brandon Berkson, the inaugural edition comes equipped with slippers from Monaco, a face mask from a popular spa, an aromatic candle from a lovely inn, a honey container from an international hotel’s beekeeping program, a cookbook with a home’s trademark meals, and a well-known hotel’s top quality playing cards. Package comes just in time for the holiday for $155, including shipping, and can be ordered here.

” Boutique hotels are my greatest enthusiasm– and it’s not only me however our hotel-hungry readers, too,” Berkson informed Travel + Leisure. “So, with that in mind, I conceptualized The Hotel Box as a method to bring the magic of hotels into our readers’ homes and daily lives.”

Want to turn your house into a shop hotel oasis this winter season? We spoke with Berkson about all the tricks to offer your home that raised atmosphere you’re after.
T+L: What gives store hotels such an unique feel?

Berkson: In my eyes, for something to be a shop hotel, it requires to have an unique character– most of the time, its characteristics gather motivation from a basic overarching theme or the surrounding location. While store hotels are frequently considered strictly small, I think they be available in all shapes and sizes– they just need to embed a sense of character, feel boutique-oriented, extremely special, and, the majority of the time, independent-feeling, the reverse to excessively commercialized, hyper-corporate stays.
Suite bedroom at Andronis Arcadia

How can travelers recreate that very same energy in your home?

The best way to bring shop hotel energy into your home is not only to implement a theme into it, but also by ordering signature items on sale from your favorite stays– believe signature-scented candle lights, bath bombs, and branded towels. I can tell you firsthand that making your apartment or condo feel like a store hotel offers you a dosage of vacation every time you utilize an item– and who does not enjoy a vacation?

What’s one quick switch that can immediately provide your home that ambiance?

Decluttering is the most convenient way to make your bed room feel like a hotel within 5 minutes, from clearing your nightstand to organizing your restroom sink location.
What space is the easiest for a change?
I’ll need to say your restroom. You can arrange the sink area and put products such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, antiperspirant, plus fragrances accordingly so they do not mess your space. You can likewise include bath items that your preferred hotel stocks– Chicago’s The Emily Hotel’s shower equips Malin and Goetz cilantro hair conditioner, and since my stay here, I’ve been purchasing it for my shower.

What hotel decoration inspiration have you brought back into your own life?
I enjoy the Murano glass pieces at my favorite store hotel, Casa Angelina, on the Amalfi Coast. Each sculpture is vibrant, whimsical, and surrealist, with the bulk showcasing disfigured human beings and animals. They break with personality amongst the hotel’s whitewashed interior and, from some angles, the sea backdrop.

The sculptures put me in a good mood– they are spirited yet exceedingly fragile. While my house is too little for a slew of glass sculptures (and I’m too awkward to have them), I’ve brought that playfulness into my loft: a glass encasement full of colorful rubber duckies and a black-and-white photo of a female supermodel checking out a paper while naked hold on my living-room walls, then a surrealist-meets-pop-art painting of Marilyn Monroe fronting an assemblage of East Asian scriptures remains in my kitchen area. The bottom line is that bringing playfulness into my home drew inspiration from these whimsical, do not-take-life-too-seriously sculptures found throughout Casa Angelina.

What hotel decor are you still trying to emulate?
I just recently remained at The Thinking Traveller’s Palazzo Alvear rental property, in Noto, Sicily. While it’s not technically a hotel, the shop holiday villa business handles independent properties throughout Italy, Greece, and France. Each one, from the services to setup, seems like a store hotel, but without any lobby or onsite dining establishment (although you can schedule a private chef). At this particular vacation home, I fell in love with the zebra-striped ottoman sitting in between 2 white couches. Much so that I’ve been on the hunt ever considering that then to discover a zebra-patterned furnishing for my living space.

Beds are the centerpieces of a lot of hotel rooms– what’s the trick to making your bed more hotel-like?
London’s Beaverbrook Town House’s bed room setups exhibit what it implies to have the bed be the nucleus of a hotel space. Nicola Harding’s style efforts at this British hotel, which sports bed room headboards that enliven the space by means of their colorful clashing patterns, make your bed a declaration piece.

Fluffy towels are one of the best convenience items, but it’s difficult to discover ones that last. What’s the technique?
Not just are they as fluffy as can be, but Mayfair Townhouse in London likewise has heated towel racks. Let me tell you, this performance is on my vacation desire list– winter in NYC can be brutal, so I require these racks in my life!
How can the at-home bath experience be made more boutique-like?
You need candles from shop hotels, most importantly: The Morrow Hotel in Washington D.C., The Scott in Scottsdale, and the Sands Hotel & Spa near Palm Springs are 3 that I enjoy. In addition to these candles, you need a bath bomb– I recommend Le Labo products, which you can find at numerous boutique hotels.

What colors and tones are best to capture a shop hotel feel?

It depends on the hotel and its desired visual. Soothing tones such as creams, beiges, and light browns are ideal for minimalist interiors, while statement colors such as red, yellow, and blue inject vibrancy into a space, sometimes spawning a maximalist feel. I appreciate a constant interior decoration style when checking out a hotel.

What hotel sticks out for right away having an aura you wished to restore home?
I like Scandinavian-style minimalism– exposed concrete, a scarcity of furnishings, and a monochromatic color combination of neutrals and relaxing tones are my ambiance. Some of my preferred store hotels that exhibit this are Paradero Todos Santos in Mexico, Forest Dolomites in Northern Italy, and Andronis Concept Wellness Resort in Santorini. With all this in mind, I’ve brought a monochromatic color scheme of whites and grays into my living room, specifically with the couch, rug, and wall shade– the only pops of color are my travel- and hotel-centric coffee table books sitting atop my coffee table.

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