I Stayed at One of the Best New Hotels in NYC — and It Made Me Feel Like a Local

My life as a New York City resident suddenly pertained to a screeching halt throughout the pandemic. I handed in my “Tex-pat” hat and replanted roots in south Texas. Much like numerous who came and left before me, I found that living in New York left an extensive influence on me as an individual; it wasn’t easy to leave. However life occurs, as they say. My partner and I concurred we would permanently keep in mind NYC as a meaningful part of our lives and guaranteed ourselves we might constantly return for check outs.

For our first trip back to New York previously this year, we wished to review our old favorites … the places that made New York City feel like home. We were surprised, however, that the hotel we chose– a beginner to the city– made us feel comfortable again many of all.
Exterior view of Nine Orchard hotel building seen at night, the building was a bank and built in 1912
We stayed at Nine Orchard, named one of the very best brand-new hotels worldwide by Travel + Leisure editors in our 2023 It List. The place was within prime proximity of our favorite haunts; what some lovingly refer to as “Dimes Square”– a tiny pocket between Chinatown and the Lower East Side– was our go-to location for a Manhattan night out. When we resided in New York, it was where young artists, skaters, and underpaid NYC transplants who recently graduated from college and didn’t inherit a trust fund might afford to have a decent night out. We ‘d get a bite at Scarr’s Pizza or Jajaja Mexicana and hang out at Forgtmenot and very much left bar and art space Beverly’s. We weren’t amazed to see how the location had actually grown, sounding in a brand-new age with places like Nine Orchard, however still holding onto its past.
Bridging a 110-year history, the hotel at 9 Orchard St. was developed within the Jarmulowsky Bank Building, which served as a bank for brand-new immigrants to New York in the 1910s. While changing the original bank lobby into the hotel’s bar, Swan Room, the team revealed a detailed ceiling that now serves as the primary tourist attraction upon entry.

Stylish public spaces aside, what drew me to Nine Orchard most was my visitor space, which quickly became an environment I didn’t wish to leave– mainly because I seemed like I was living back in New York once again. Listening to jazz as I soaked in the tub, looking out on the Manhattan streets listed below, I was when again part of the location where more than 1 million lives are lived all at once within 22.7 square miles. I was living the life you imagine when you long to be a New Yorker.
The interiors at Nine Orchard are warm and welcoming, and just like the community outside, old and new collide, from the furniture to the art. From the painted number on our space’s door to the relaxing, downplayed chairs and simple table, it felt like everything that’s beautiful about a New York apartment– with no of the less elegant parts. It was like a dream, a time warp, where all that’s fantastic about the city existed within four walls. In-room Ojas speakers anchor the ageless feel, playing four radio channels that were custom-curated for the hotel by DJ Stretch Armstrong and Devon Turnbull. It’s the best soundtrack to take you through a few of the great city’s most iconic durations.

As attracting as it is to remain in your space, Nine Orchard’s dining establishment continues the same envigorating environment. Chef Ignacio Mattos’ food is rooted in a timeless American principle but takes tips from corner restaurants all over the world, creating dishes that are indulgent yet friendly. The Corner Bar is a chameleon throughout the day, providing French-inspired breakfast and classics like oysters and spaghetti pomodoro at lunch and supper. The beverage program is excellent and makes for a lovely precursor to a night at Swan Room.
If you’ve ever imagined a picturesque New York experience, Nine Orchard is it. In my mind, I’m still living extravagantly in that space, composing at its easy wood desk, and reading in the comfortable chair watching out at the city as the sun sets.

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