These Are the Best Frequent Flier Programs of 2024

Before you do, make sure to sign up for a regular flier program to ensure you make the most of those travel benefits. WalletHub has the answer.

The personal finance site released its report on the 2024 Best Frequent Flier Programs. The report ranks the 10 largest domestic airlines based on 21 essential metrics, including everything from the “value of a point/mile” to “blackout dates for reward flights.” The group also developed 3 unique consumer profiles, a “Light Flier,” who spends roughly $355 on yearly airline company travel, an “Average Flier,” who spends approximately $3,736 on annual airline company travel, and a “Frequent Flier,” who invests $7,117 on yearly airline travel, so see how each program turns out for every traveler.
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After looking at all the data, WalletHub called Alaska Airline’s program the best in business.

” Alaska Mileage Plan is the best frequent flier program of 2024, beating in 2015’s winner United MileagePlus,” WalletHub wrote in its findings. The airline won thanks to its policy to never allow miles to end, its high variety of locations and partner airline companies, and the value made by every category of tourist (light, average, and regular).

It was participated in the leading five programs by United Airlines and its MileagePlus program in second, followed by Delta Air Lines’ SkyMiles, Hawaiian Airlines’ HawaiianMiles, and American Airlines’ AAdvantage.

Fortunately is, no matter which program you select you’ll likely be winning. According to WalletHub, seven of the 10 biggest airline companies are “providing more rewards value in 2024 than in 2023. Typically, the top 10 airlines are providing 18 percent more worth than they did in 2015.”

” For any excellent and sustainable airline benefits program, it has to be a win-win situation. Customers get benefits such as top priority boarding and totally free check-in baggage; slowly, they end up being more faithful to that specific airline company, make more purchases, and spread out more favorable Word of Mouth over time,” Wan Yang, an associate teacher and associate editor of International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, The Collins College of Hospitality Management, shared in the findings about what makes one program better than another.

Beyond the research study, WalletHub likewise shared a custom calculator that permits tourists to individualize the results of the very best regular flier programs based on their own spending plan. This way, you can always pick the one that’s right for you.

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